Friday, August 17, 2012

New blog, python centric

I'm starting a new blog, very focused. It is a little bit like my Solaris Desktop blog, in that it serves as a journal to record interesting anecdotes, tips and tricks and the like, using a specific computing platform.

In this case, it is the Raspberry Pi computer, and more specifically, using Python as a programming language on it. It is a natural choice, as the Pi was designed to be used in educational circles primarily, and Python is a great language to learn as a first programming language, and yet is equally at ease in mission critical enterprise applications.

I will also sprinkle a liberal amount of retro computing, electronics and science, along with quite a few music references.

[EDIT: I added this section below]

The blog alternates between various languages: english, french, spanish, portuguese and russian

Ce blog alterne entre l'anglais, le francais, l'espagnol, le portugais et le russe.

Este blog varia de idioma, casi a cada articulo. En ingles, frances, espanol, portugues y russo.

Este blog é uma alternância entre Inglês, Francês, Português, Espanhol e Russo.