Friday, July 18, 2014

Tiny & Teensy: Some new stuff!

Objects in mirror are smaller than they appear


The Raspberry Pi is pretty small, even in a case. The new model B+ (pictured on the left) allows for a slightly smaller case size. Gone is the composite, but there are way more GPIO pins available through a 40 pin connector, and 4 USB ports are included. It does mean that you will need a redesigned case for the new model B+. Oh, and gone is the SD card sticking out, waiting to be bent out of function. The B+ has a micro SD slot.

I'll post more details as I explore the changes, and what it means for python modules and the GPIOs.

Smaller than tiny

At the last Project night, I worked on getting micro python compiled to install on the Teensy v.3.1 (pictured on the right). This is much smaller than I was expecting.

BTW, this only has 64KB of RAM, which is what an Apple ][e had way back when... And 256KB of ROM. But did I say Python??? Yep. I'll post a step by step pretty soon.