Friday, August 11, 2017

Readings in Visualization

"Ex-Libris" part V: Visualization

Part 5 of my "ex-libris" of a Data Scientist is now available. This one is about visualization.

Starting from a historical perspective, particularly of statistical visualization, and covering a few classic must have books, the article then goes on to cover graphic design, cartography, information architecture and design and concludes with many recent books on information visualization (specific Python and R books to create these were listed in part IV of this series). In all, about 66 books on the subject.

Just follow the link to the LinkedIn post to go directly to it:

From Jacques Bertin’s Semiology of Graphics

"Le plus court croquis m'en dit plus long qu'un long rapport", Napoleon Ier

See also

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Part VI will be on communication. Bonus after that will be on management / leadership.
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