Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Night: A red Raspberry Pi, 126 LEDs and a job

Project night

Every month, through PYPTUG, we set aside 2 nights for the Pythonistas and Pythonistas to be of the Piedmont Triad community. Tomorrow (wednesday the 20th of November) is one such night.

So what do we do there? The meetup page says:

"Do you have a project you want to show off? Or do you need a second set of eyes on your code? Would you like to hack on an open source project? Perhaps you need help getting a module on a specific platform? Don't have a project but would like to help others or to learn more Python?
Whatever the case may be, project nights are your opportunity to get some help or to help others, so bring your laptop (or Raspberry Pi or whatever device that can run Python) and let's get things going."

Red Raspberry Pi

So, I always show up at these project nights with a few potential projects. For example, hacking on Brython, or writing a good music collection manager in Python, or playing with a red Raspberry Pi. Red? Yes, this kind:


Pi Lite

But that wouldn't be a project in itself. I'll bring over a Pi Lite. What is that?

Ciseco Pi-Lite
126 ways to have fun.

Spectrum analyzer? network traffic display? game of life? cool scroller? Who knows what i'll end up doing, but it'll be fun, I'm sure.

A job?

Oh yes, almost forgot. So this project night is in Winston Salem:
Inmar 2650 Pilgrim Court, Winston Salem, nc

And it just happen to be that there are some openings for Python developpers, doing web services and focusing on Python. If that sounds like fun, get in touch.

Winston Salem is a great place to live and work (and that's me saying this, coming from cosmopolitan Montreal). Plus Inmar is migrating downtown pretty soon, in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter. So come on, take the first step and possibly come and join me and other enthusiastic Pythonistas at Inmar and drop me a note, or even better, email me your resume.

Experience with Python (web services a plus) and with Postgresql (or even mysql).