Friday, June 7, 2013

Alcyone and on and on

SELF 2013

I had to share these snapshots I took at SELF 2013 (south east Linux fest in Charlotte, NC) today. Went there mostly for some database talks, but there were 2 raspberry Pi related presentations today. There is another one tomorrow at 4pm (Ruth Suehle, Easy As Raspberry Pi: Getting Started)

One was Alcyone:

Moog Taurus bass pedals? Almost
Raspberry Pi powered Alcyone

Joseph Ottinger designed and built this MIDI controller that is reminiscent of the Moog Taurus bass pedals (used by musicians such as Geddy Lee of Canadian band Rush). Interesting, isn't it?

Joseph used C and a non realtime kernel Linux (such as Raspbian). But it is possible to do this also using Python. Pygame would be one natural choice for that.

I'll follow up in a few days with some more details and some information on the other Raspberry Pi talk from today's program (Mike Brown, Linux On Arm).


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