Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trip to the bookstore


Part of a good local technical community is having local technical schools, hackerspaces, computer stores, electronics parts distributors, libraries and book stores with good technical books, and of course user groups.

For PYPTUG community news, I try to always make a note of Python related things wherever I go so I can share it with fellow community members in the Piedmont Triad.

This is suspiciously easy

Python is easy to get into. In fact, here's something on the back of a book I saw at the local Barnes And Nobles (Hanes Mall, Winston Salem, NC):

Hello! Python

Couldn't help but to share that with my wife. It is on the back of the book Hello! Python by Anthony Briggs.

And that too

Using the Raspberry Pi in various projects is also quite easy, and having tutorials or a guide makes it that much easier. Of course I have plenty of tutorials on my blog, but if you are looking for a Raspberry Pi book you can hold in your hands, there are a few available now, and if you are in the Winston Salem area, you can pick these up without having to wait for the postman:

Raspberry Pi User Guide by Eben Upton

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

Programming the Raspberry Pi

Nice to see this on the bookshelves.

Adding Arduino to the mix

And speaking of Raspberry Pi, tomorrow I'll be doing a lightning talk on something I had talked about back in 2012 at PyCarolinas. I was going to get into more details at PyOhio, but as you've no doubt noticed, I'm not on the speaker list, so instead I'm covering this locally at PYPTUG.

So what is it? A super easy way to interface with microcontrollers, including the Arduino, using Python. Did I say super easy? Suspiciously easy :)


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Anthony Briggs said...

Hi François,

Cool, that's my book :) Let me know if you or any of the PYPTUG people have any questions about it.