Monday, October 28, 2013

toolz and curry

Lightning talk

Doing a quick lightning talk tonight for PYPTUG @WFU and it wont be about spanners and food as the title might imply, but about...

Functional programming

Yes, about functional programming in an imperative by design language (Python). And it's a lightning talk, so it'll be very superficial. But hopefully interesting nonetheless.

My first experience with pure functional programming was in the 80s with the Miranda programming language. If one counts impure functional such as LISP, scheme etc, then that would be Logo as my first.

Back to Python

One of the most appealing Pythonic technique I use on a regular basis, is functional. But more on that later. Here in this talk, I'll focus on a new module called Toolz (the result of a merge of functoolz and itertoolz - with a z, not the standard library functools and itertools).


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