Friday, January 10, 2014

Python tip[4]

Tip #4

I was mentioning cppcheck on twitter, for those of us who also code in C/C++. I must admit I didn't start using it until I saw Alan (Coopersmith) using it on Xorg about a year ago. So, what do we have for python? Today I'll make a quick mention of Pylint. Install is simple, along the line of (adjust to your package manager):

sudo apt-get install pylint

Then you can go into a python project and do:


What it does: "Pylint is a tool that checks for errors in Python code, tries to enforce a coding standard and looks for bad code smells", according to It also gives your code an overall mark. It's a good idea to at least run it and look at the suggestions it offers.

Bonus: pylint includes pyreverse which allows one to generate a package and class diagram (UML) from source code. This works ok as long as the code is straight forward.


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