Monday, February 3, 2014

Python tip[8]

Tip #8

Always use a good bit of data to test your data driven apps. Don't rely only on nose testing. But where to get data? Fake it. Never underestimate the power of import random. But when you need more than numbers:

pip install fake-factory

You can also take a look at faker,, ForgeryPy (and many more on Then there is fake-data-generator. Or if you want a csv or sql, try

What it does: Although you could use real data, sometimes you don't have any. In fact, more than likely you probably wont be  able to generate a significant amount of data for weeks after going live with your web application. Or perhaps it is a desktop application and you'll never see the generated data. So just fake it. You need volume, and it's easy to create.

Another point to keep in mind is that using real data might be risky, depending on what it is. For sure you do not want real credit card numbers floating around on development instances.


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