Thursday, April 9, 2015

Raspberry Pi A+ going into (near) space

High Altitude Balloon

A group of people from the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina will be launching a HAB as part of the Global Space Balloon Challenge. If you want to track it on twitter, check out hashtag #NSC01. As the launch date approaches, traffic and details will go up, so check it out. You can also follow @pyptug (the telemetry will be posted there) or myself @f_dion (some technical details and photos).

Raspberry Pi A+

The model A+, thanks to its low weight and low power consumption is a perfect candidate for a flight computer. But why limit oneself to a single unit? Stay tuned as we post pictures and details...


Not only do we run Python for all the tasks of the flight computers, but we are also running visual (on a map) simulations of the balloon path. This is done through integration with google maps and flask. We will post more details soon.