Monday, July 20, 2015

RetroTech Tuesdays

“Saving history, one tech gadget at a time”

RetroTech is akin to computer clubs from the early days of computing, such as the one where Steve Wozniak drug Steve Jobs to see his computer kit, later known as the Apple I.

But we are interested in all aspects of retro technologies, not just computers. Handheld games, music gear,  arcade machines, calculators, media, hifi, consoles, cartridges, cameras etc sharing one thing in common: they are definitely out of warranty!

We want to exchange techniques to repair, restore, maintain and preserve these otherwise disposable items that have shaped our past, present, and will continue to shape our future. Feel free to bring something for a “show and tell”. We also talk about simulation and emulation of older technology.

Come and join us around the TV in the Innovation Lounge (1st floor, where the foosball tables are), Tuesday the 21st at noon. A freshly restored Apple //c will be there, along with a miniature functional model (based on a Raspberry Pi and some Python code).

Outside the walls

The above is a typical communication sent every other week internally at Inmar. But I'd like to open this to the community. Perhaps rotating the meet to local schools and businesses. At least in the WFIQ, but ideally around downtown Winston Salem.

Francois Dion

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