Thursday, December 31, 2015

And thus ends 2015...

Yet it is also just the beginning

This is not going a long review of the year. Perhaps in January I'll do that. But I did want to point out that it was a good year for python. Earlier this month I looked at the TIOBE ratings for Python, R and Scala, the main languages I use on a regular basis (and in decreasing order of use by me - I might do java, C++ or javascript on occasion, but not on a regular basis anymore):

And that was a peak for Python at #4. Back in 2007, you might remember, TIOBE had named Python "Language of the year". And if we do a quick check on google trends of a good indicator of the popularity worldwide ("learn python"), we see that this is when it started to pick up some steam. For some fun, I'm comparing to "learn java" (ranked #1 on latest TIOBE rating):

Hey wait, what is going on in November / December 2015? :P

Let's zoom in and take a closer look at 2015:

It appears it might be overtaking Java there... It is quite early to really see if this is just a fluke, only the next few months will reveal this.

That credit card sized computer thingy

What is also worth mentioning is that the level of interest in learning Python and the Raspberry Pi seem to follow a similar path, but that will be for a follow up post. See you next year!

Francois Dion

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