Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Readings in Programming

"Ex-Libris" part IV: Code

I've made available part 4 of my "ex-libris" of a Data Scientist. This one is about code. 

No doubt, many have been waiting for the list that is most related to Python.  In a recent poll by KDNuggets, the top tool used for analytics, data science and machine learning by respondents turned out to also be a programming language: Python.

The article goes from algorithms and theory, to approaches, to the top languages for data science, and more. In all, almost 80 books in just that part 4 alone. It can be found on LinkedIn:

"ex-libris" of a Data Scientist - Part IV

from Algorithms and Automatic Computing Machinesby B. A. Trakhtenbrot

See also

Part I was on "data and databases": "ex-libris" of a Data Scientist - Part i

Part II, was on "models": "ex-libris" of a Data Scientist - Part II

Part III, was on "technology": "ex-libris" of a Data Scientist - Part III

Part V will be on visualization, part VI on communication. Bonus after that will be on management / leadership.

Francois Dion

Je vais aussi avoir une liste de publications en francais
En el futuro cercano voy a hacer una lista en espanol tambien


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