Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100000th visit

Raspberrypi and Python

Seems like yesterday when I thought this would make a great combo, but it was in fact February 2012. I eventually got my first Raspberry Pi in June of last year, and then after a few months, I thought, I'm having a ton of fun with this, I should probably post this online.

I started this blog less than 6 months  ago, and considering how this blog is fairly technical, I didn't expect a lot of visitors. Plus, by having multiple languages mixed in, there was a definite possibility that it would make it even more out of reach of many. Still, the motivation was to help people learn more about Python, about the Raspberry Pi.

The visitor 

Yesterday, I saw the stats for my blog, and thought, wow, is that possible, I'm about to reach a nice milestone. I have to catch where that 100,000th visit will come from. Brought up the Analytics while tracking the visits, and it looks like that 100,000th visit came from King of Prussia, PA. That was an interesting coincidence, as this was the last city I knew that the friend I mentioned in the article going in the wrong direction lived in. We live in such a connected society, yet we can still somehow manage to lose connections.

King of Prussia, PA

Going back to our story, of course, Analytics only provide you the city of the internet provider, so I don't really know where this visit really came from...


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Michael Horne said...

Congratulations on your 100k! :-)