Friday, February 1, 2013

New DIY publication


It is a collaborative magazine that is both online and in PDF format. It was just launched this morning. It is in french.

 So why am I talking about it in english?

Because one of the article from the publication will be available on my blog, a little later. This is just a heads up.

How to make your own cable

The Raspberry Pi has a connector with a bunch of pins, and it is taunting you!  Make good use of it by recycling an old IDE hard disk cable. The article will also show you how to test it with some Python code.

The article in French on  faire un cable gpio

The article in Portuguese on this blog: fazer um cabo gpio

I'll update this post when the English version is available, and add it also to the tutorial section

[UPDATE] The article in english: making a gpio cable


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