Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hackerspace Charlotte, Fablocker, AMG

We are quite fortunate in this area, we have two hackerspaces really close by and a few more not too far. In Winston Salem, we have Fablocker. There is also the Alamance Makers Guild in Burlington, NC.

And one hour south of here is Hackerspace Charlotte. Just recently, in October, Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation came to visit the area and stopped by HSC. A few from Fablocker made it to hear that talk (and get our RPi signed)

His talk was recorded on video and was just posted today at: raspberrypi.org

On the video, I see my mobile office just right out the door, behind Eben.

I noticed the question session had not been posted. I have the audio, perhaps I'll post that.

And speaking of interesting connections, in the next video, recorded in Orlando, FL, Eben is wearing a Hackerspace Charlotte T-shirt (continuing on the same thread...): Orlando Sentinel

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