Sunday, December 30, 2012

Python raspberrypi ICU

Finally completed some stuff I had on my todo list for a few weeks now, so I can get back into the PyHack workshops.


Intensive care unit? Intensive computing unit? nope. I see you. For the next PYPTUG PyHack workshop, we are going to see how we can put to good use some webcams along with our Raspberry Pi.


Along with the Pi and the webcam, we will be using Python and pygame. That's the main portion of the workshop, but we'll also use a phone, a web server and a web framework on top of that. To do what? You'll have to be there...


January 12 2013, 3PM @ Fablocker in Winston Salem

That'll be a busy week since I'm also doing a presentation on the Raspberry Pi on the 9th, also in Winston Salem. More on this later.

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