Sunday, August 18, 2013

200000th visitor

Raspberrypi and Python

In February 2013, this blog reached the 100,000th visitor milestone. Tonight, it just past the 200,000th.

This little experiment has been ongoing for almost a year now. As I had mentioned before, I didn't expect a lot of visitors due to the specificity of the blog, but it was something I had to do. Most projects I do for business, I cant talk about, so I've made up some projects specifically for this blog.

The Raspberry Pi has continued on the road to popularity, and this has exposed many people to embedded computing, to software development and electronics, and that is a good thing. Some other subjects that have been popular over the year have been Brython, ZFS and dtrace.

I've seen people I've introduced to the Pi, to electronics or to replicators (ie. CNC, 3D printers, laser cutters), to Python or Brython come up with some really cool stuff in the past year, and that is ultimately quite rewarding.

The visitor 

So, where is this 200,000th visitor from? Surprisingly from the town of Sanford, NC. I say surprisingly because it is only an hour and a half away from Winston Salem by car.

Sanford, NC


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