Thursday, August 22, 2013

From Java to Burma

Hands on Python

This month at our local Python user group (PYPTUG), I'll do a hands on session. Could have been in a workshop, code dojo or project night, but it'll be part of the normal monthly meeting.

Attributes, Properties and Descriptors

A lot of people learned C++ or Java in school and some of the normal patterns for these languages are regularly seen in the wild in languages such as C# and Python. Having coded in all of these, and many more, I appreciate greatly some of the features of a given programming language. And when it comes to Python (as Roger Sessions said, paraphrasing Einstein), that "everything should be as simple as it can be, but no simpler".

 The hands on will focus on attributes, and how to keep it simple. And of course, how to get out of trouble, because you have to do something not so simple later, using properties and descriptors.

I will be posting to my bitbucket pyptug repository some material related to the talk, including a log of the interactive session we will be doing.

Audience will be ranging from people who have never coded, to people who have programmed in other languages, to python experts. I love a challenge.


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