Saturday, August 17, 2013

Brython 20130817-141536 published

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A new version of Brython, Brython-20130817-141536, has just been published on the downloads page


Here are the main changes since the previous version :

- improved implementation of import, now supports packages : "import X.Y", "from X.Y import Z [as A]", "from . import X" (fixes issue 123)
- the iterator protocol now uses the standard methods __iter__() and __next__() on all types, including built-in types
- the "for" loop implementation has been changed to use these methods
- improved implementation of comprehensions : now uses global and local dictionaries (fixes issue 129)
- improved interactive console :
- partial support of built-in type "bytes"
- add missing HTML5 tags and DOM events
- change documentation in French, add a section for Brython-specific modules ; updated translation of documentation
- add a button on the Tests page to run all the tests in a row and report errors
- improvement to the markdown module : tags _ and * generate different HTML tags, as well as __ and **
- change implementation of the del keyword : now uses the method __del__() if it is defined


  • - bug fixes :
. issue #78 : map() and filter() return iterator objects, not lists
. issue #124 : support of CSS attribute "float"
. issue #125 : add methods copy() and clear() to lists
. issue #126 : escaped quotes inside strings
. issue #127 : DOMNode instances comparison methods (__eq__ and __ne__)
. issue #128 : class inheritance
. bugs in conversion of JS objects in json.js and $JS2Py
. bug with iteration on DOMNode instances


  • package organisation : move JSObject from py_dom.js to py_utils.js
  • gallery : add a demo of a solitaire game using SVG drag and drop


As always, the Brython team looks forward to your feedback, particularly in terms of bug reports and also in sharing how you are using Brython, by joining and participating in the Brython forum.

We are quite interested in your experience on mobile devices (tablets etc) and embedded devices (Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone black, Cubieboard etc), particularly in conjunction with touchscreens, as we are about to bring further enhancements to Brython. So don't be shy and join the forum. Or at least contact me through my blog or on twitter.


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