Thursday, October 25, 2012

Building The Gertboard

The next few posts are going to be in french. They will have a lot of pictures however, so you can still follow. The reason I'm posting in french is that there are no resources available at this time regarding the Gertboard, in french. First will be the SMD components, then the rest, in the same order as the english instructions. I did substitute a few components, basically, different color headers, different color (and size) LEDs etc, but it is fundamentally the same thing. It does illustrate the value of having the Gertboard as a kit though. I doubt I would have even bought one if it had not been available as a kit. Half the fun is building it and tweaking it for your use. Now that I've actually used it, I will build another one, with several more mods and a different DAC. I'll wait until they are back in stock to look into that however.

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The Aspiring Chartist said...

Where did you buy this Gertboard kit?
Is this available in Paris?