Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pocket Mini Computer kit

On my previous post, Blue Screen Of Basic, I was showing the output of a computer mini kit I just built.


The Pocket Mini Computer is a simple kit that can be put together in an evening. Just like the Raspberry Pi, it is a bare board (quite like the Apple I). You then need a keyboard (PS/2), monitor (VGA) and power supply (5V, mini USB).

It is not a competitor to the Pi, particularly based on spec and price. It wont run Linux. At any rate, you are probably anxiously waiting on your backordered Raspberry Pi and Gertboard, so that'll give you something to do, hehehe.

Rather, it's something to learn soldering on (or in my case, have fun building stuff, like people do puzzles or crosswords), and play with Propeller Basic and SIDCOG, an emulation of the SID chip including filters using one of the 8 "cogs" (core) of the "processor".

I should really say microcontroller. It runs on a Parallax Propeller microcontroller QuickStart board which is included in the $39 price tag (and that is less than what Radio-Shack sells the P8X32A by itself!)

The box

The bags


The parts


While supplies last, Jeff includes a laser cut acrylic reference block for the P8X32A GPIOs.

Now, let's build this.

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