Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pocket Mini Computer Build


 Putting together the Pocket Mini Computer kit:
Did anybody say resistors?
A lot of them. And a PS/2 connector

PS/2 Keyboard and 3.5mm audio
VGA connector. Solid
Bottom, included. Above, my replacement

It gives me a header on top
Not just on the bottom

Propeller board with spacers

It works!

Added reinforcement for keyboard

Orange cable: probe


Francois Dion said...

I'd recommend using a PS/2 connector that has 3 main solder tabs instead of only one, like the one included with the kit. I did add a zip tie, but the next one I build will definitely have an upgraded connector.

As for my dual sided header, that's only for my use. I wanted to easily probe the pins with my scope, and I had these headers in my parts bin.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

1) The PS/2 Connector: Yes. We agree! I just brought in (literally arrived yesterday) an order of three-connection PS/2 connectors for the next batch of PMC. Instead of waiting to use them, we are going to replace that connector on all existing kits.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they're synthesizing VGA signals out of the propeller? Impressive, didn't know that chip had so much power. — _phred

Francois Dion said...

There are 8 units that can process at once. I just started playing with the PMC, but from what I see, one is dedicated to sound (SIDCOG), one for driving the vga (you get to 64 colors by a clever trick with a resistor ladder - that's how we used to make DACs for audio, driven by parallel ports. I'll do a post on that later). The rest is available to run binary objects tied to Basic functions.