Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pocket Mini Computer Build


 Putting together the Pocket Mini Computer kit:
Did anybody say resistors?
A lot of them. And a PS/2 connector

PS/2 Keyboard and 3.5mm audio
VGA connector. Solid
Bottom, included. Above, my replacement

It gives me a header on top
Not just on the bottom

Propeller board with spacers

It works!

Added reinforcement for keyboard

Orange cable: probe


Francois Dion said...

I'd recommend using a PS/2 connector that has 3 main solder tabs instead of only one, like the one included with the kit. I did add a zip tie, but the next one I build will definitely have an upgraded connector.

As for my dual sided header, that's only for my use. I wanted to easily probe the pins with my scope, and I had these headers in my parts bin.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

1) The PS/2 Connector: Yes. We agree! I just brought in (literally arrived yesterday) an order of three-connection PS/2 connectors for the next batch of PMC. Instead of waiting to use them, we are going to replace that connector on all existing kits.

_phred said...

Looks like they're synthesizing VGA signals out of the propeller? Impressive, didn't know that chip had so much power. — _phred

Francois Dion said...

There are 8 units that can process at once. I just started playing with the PMC, but from what I see, one is dedicated to sound (SIDCOG), one for driving the vga (you get to 64 colors by a clever trick with a resistor ladder - that's how we used to make DACs for audio, driven by parallel ports. I'll do a post on that later). The rest is available to run binary objects tied to Basic functions.