Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nut Pi for RISC OS

RISC OS Open is bringing some interesting things to the table as far as the Raspberry Pi and RISC OS is concerned.

They have a package of commercial software for RISC OS, specifically designed to run on the Raspberry Pi, at a discount.

What is cool is that it comes on a Nut Pi branded SD card (a usb key might have been better, in order to transfer to the Raspberry Pi, but still, nothing a card reader cant fix).

It includes Photodesk 3.12 which retails by itself for £84: Photodesk. It also comes with 19 other software programs originally for the Acorn computers.

The Nut Pi SD card is available here:, for £35.

My suggestion for RISC OS Open: add a link in other currencies. In particular in US dollars.

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AndyMetallic said...

The NutPi card includes software to transfer the programs to the RISC OS SD Boot card. It's worth noting that, with RISC OS, the SD card can be removed during the copying process without issue. It just works!