Saturday, November 3, 2012

While on the subject of cases

As I mentioned in my previous post on the lapdock (see this also), I've switched to a red/black case from the white case I had. I've had a few questions on the white case, particularly what is on the back.

So here are some more pictures. I got the case from MCM electronics, but this is a pretty popular type of case made by Multicomp available through various distributors. It comes in white, black and transparent.

Convenient mounting holes in the back
So, this can be wall mounted, or mounted in the back of a monitor. It can also be mounted on a board, for experimentation, but it does lack an important feature, an opening for the GPIO header:

GPIO, bottom right, no access from the outside...

A case like this one would be better suited (3d model on thingiverse for a 3d printer):

In fact I'm going to have somebody print this at the local Hackerspace (Fablocker), where we will be holding a PyHack Workshop using the Raspberry Pi, in exactly one week, November the 10th.

Still, all is not lost with that case, I'll add a slit for a cable, from the hole for the composite video jack. Or just do a cutback at the bottom. It is actually possible to still use a cable without cutting the box in any way. Here is the box assembled without the cable:

And here is the case with the cable. It is a tight fit, plus it wont lay flat.

It will do for now...

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